Monday, June 8, 2009

little human.

they have no self discipline, no will power.
whipped cream cakes, gingerbread, giant beefsteaks.
i can resist.
they are not going to make me give in.
they are not going to beat me.
my mother puts up with everything.
i'm not going to put up with anything.
they are trying to tempt me with their poison.
there is poison in all the food, poison.
i will become infected if i eat it.
they are not going to stuff me.
i refuse to become fat and disgusting.
everyone is swelling up around me.
being fat is repulsive.
and their tits look like bloated balloons.
i will stay clean.
i can deal with anything.
i can control it all.
they are trying to feed me their bait.
but they can't tempt me.
i can withstand hunger and chill.
i am the strongest person in the world.
i don't cry. i'm not weak.
i'm thinner than the boys at my school.
thin is pure.
i am pure.
i'm not filthy like the others.
and i will never get filthy.
i am a sexless being.
sometimes it is hard.
but i don't complain.
it can be almost too hard.
but i still don't complain.
i refuse to be as feeble and spineless as them.
i refuse to whine like them.
i refuse to grow up, to become swollen.
refuse to become fat and whiny like a pig.
i am the strongest person in the entire world.

from little human by charlotte strandgaard.


  1. i love this!
    just what i needed

    haha i think i stole it off your blog
    i hope you don't mind

  2. it's okay, i didn't write it anyway, so i have no copyright whatsoever :) it's from a book.