Friday, June 19, 2009



today is the first day since i've known about the red bracelet that i felt truly worthy of wearing it.

the weight is still going down, slowly, but steadily and i love it. i went to the library yesterday to pick up books on history to prepare for my final exam, but ended up in the weight loss-aisle. i took home about four history-relevant books and about 10 ones on weight loss, eating disorders and fictional stories about anorexic or food-focused girls. i feel like such a teen, but i love reading those books even though they're poorly written. they offer both tips and thinspiration to me, even though that probably wasn't the authors intention. hehe.

today i've only eaten cherries. and i don't plan on taking in anything other than water and world history facts
for the rest of the day.

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  1. Hey.
    Your blog is great!
    I was wonderin if you could possibly take a look at mine...
    I feel silly writing it if no one reads it.
    Would mean a lot to me
    Xx. Lillie