Thursday, February 26, 2009

how to look amazing in photographs.


today i've only eaten: fruit, 2 bags (10g each) apple chips, 2 eggs and home-made fruit popsicles (i've become addicted. you cut of pieces of fruit, like kiwi or banana, put them on a stick and freeze 'em. ta-da! no artificial stuff, sugar or fat on my bones. plus, it takes longer time to eat frozen fruit than fresh fruit, so you don't get all
the calories munched down at once). i've been drinking tap water, hot water w. lemon juice and green tea. i plan on eating a small bowl of hot thai soup for dinner (possibly diluted w. water) and get it over with quickly.

in a month i have to go to the senior year lanciers dance. horror of horrors. i plan on wearing: coral coloured dress from paul & joe sister, black pantyhose and black stilettos. i deliberately bought a dress that fits loose, i
don't want to either look like a fat pig going to the prom or have people constantly commenting on possible skinnyness. i dread the dinner before the dancing and the amount of flash photographs being taken. i honestly don't photograph very well; i have no sense of where the cameras are and i don't know how to be 'on'. i always end up looking tired, pale and ugly. my smile looks like a funny face i'm making and if i try to fix it all with makeup, it just gets worse and looks very stiff and unnatural. ugh..
fortunately, i always look better on camera being skinny. people can't deny that. it goes for models as well, curvy can be beautiful but bones and sucked-in cheeks simply photograph better. it looks more stoic and graceful. which is what i plan on being. how to look amazing in photographs? s t o p e a t i n g !
note: i'm not starving myself particularly for the senior lanciers, but for the future. i will be thin and gorgeous. any ideas on how to avoid eating with my entire class all around me?

i envy skinny people looking hot in no-retouch-polaroids. so that is my thinspo for today:

(notice that this girl is wearing a red bracelet ^^)


  1. Hi R.
    I just went trough your blog and I wanted to tell you I tought it was great! I will add it to my blogroll.

    I like the attitude you have and you seem really nice.

    All the best!

  2. nice pics!!! avoiding eating around people sucks...its just hard. I'd say disappear during food times as often as you can, and then if you get roped into it, dive into the veggies and fill up on those and eat fast so it looks like you ate a lot!!!- good luck :)

  3. thanks to both of you!
    it's nice to know that people can relate.
    i always find it hard to keep up my good work when i'm forced to sit down at a table, where people do nothing but eat for about two hours.
    so thanks for the tips :)