Sunday, March 1, 2009


hi y'all. sorry for not posting as often as i should, but at the moment i'm being consumed by an exam assignment, that i have to write over the weekend. i can't focus. i keep thinking about food and my weight and i catch myself actually running to the mirror, grabbing my thighs and hips as if reminding me that eating will only make them bigger. maybe it's helping? food-wise, this has been a very good weekend. i've completely
steered clear of sugar, e-numbers, red meat, unhealthy fat, milk and wheat.
right now i'm sipping water on the rocks, stretching my skinnier legs and wondering whether or not i should make breakfast
. if the detox diet i've slowly started delivers some great results, i plan on strutting my non-existing stuff in these sexypants:


i've become obsessed with japanese cooking in the past days and was happy that my friend decided to throw an all girl japanese party. we had a great time. i ate sushi, wasabi chickpeas, salad, a bit of chicken w. chili and lime and c&s'ed the post dinner brownie (not so japanese).
my fortune cookie said: "no one can stop you!" and i smiled on the inside. afterwards we watched "my neighbor totoro" and "battle royale" (pretty good thinspo, actually. most japanese people are skinny and beautiful).

therefore, today's thinspo is japanese:

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