Monday, May 11, 2009

schedule, schedule, schedule.


so far:
- 1 apple cut in 8 pieces
- faux chocolate mousse (mush together: 1 banana, 1 tsp peanut butter, 1 tsp coconut oil, loads and loads of cinnamon, pure vanilla and a bit of cardamom)
- 2 pots of green tea
- water

i'm quite busy at the moment because of exams. i'm graduating the 23th of june and then school will no longer be a spanner in the works with the constant sitting on your butt reading, writing, listening.
i have to get a job, though. a full time one. i want it to be time-consuming and active, maybe i'll wait tables at a busy café or something.

being thin is not really happening, since i keep losing my control because of exam stress. raargrrghh! so now i need to get back on track. i'm making a schedule of everything: the food i eat, my exercise, projects, thoughts, subjects i'm studying for & such. i've also been making be own personal list of being thin vs. being fat. i'd love to hear some of your reasons to be thin. i'll also like to know what thinspo music you listen too? i want to make a thinspo playlist on my ipod and listen to it while i work out, sit in the bus or study for my exams.

today i'll:
- attend yoga class.
- go for a run.
- clean my room.
- avoid eating.

- buy orchids for my room and other green plants.
- throw out everything i don't need, like old maths notes, dust-gathering things and clothes i'll never wear again.

i want to detox my entire existence. i want to make my room a place i really want to be, a happy place where i can focus on me and my goals without being disturbed by other people. i'm thinking of painting my room in a light, airy colour. i want my room to be a place i feel powerful and beautiful. i want it to radiate ana to me.

no excess burdens.



  1. Perfect legs, a perfect back, perfect arms . . . Perfect thinspo, thanks for sharing. As for thinspo songs, I know all the regulars. Someone I once knew, Courage, anorexic beauty... I'm practically numb to them at this point. They're the ones in the youtube thinspo videos - I recommend looking there for ideas too. There's one Clash song I like - it has nothing to do with being thin, but it very much says something along the lines of "stop feeling sorry for yourself, you're pathetic!" It motivates me. It's called Four Horsemen.

  2. :) yay, thanks for sharing! i also found 'lua' by bright eyes. there's a line saying "you're looking skinny like a model with your eyes all painted black / just keep going to the bathroom, always say you'll be right back".

    if you remember more thinspo og work-out-ish songs, please post back here.