Thursday, May 21, 2009

bad news, good news.


recently, i've been having disturbances with my eyes. my vision has gotten a lot blurrier, i'm seeing spots, i've become extremely sensitive to daylight and i often have the a feeling like my eyes are coated with a thin layer of see-through fabric. and i know it's not a you-need-glasses-thing. it's an ana thing.

i have very low blood pressure, so passing out is unfortunately fairly easy for me, even on a full stomach. so when i starve myself, it gets a lot worse. and because of this eye-matter and my recent collapses while working out, i've decided i need to eat a little more. i'm not going to eat huge meals, i just put in a bit more protein in my diet. like an egg(white). i think it'll help, even though it sucks a bit to be forced to eat more because my crappy body craps out on me. that's the bad news.

the good news is:
i've dropped two pant sizes since january and i thought i'd have a wee jeans thinspo


  1. Ooh, lovely thinspo ^_^ Congrats on the size loss, sorry about your dizziness. Passing out could be related to an iron deficiency, are you taking your multi?

  2. hey, thanks for the support :) hehe, yeah, i do take vitamins and minerals. i got my blackout-thing tested a lot, and it's neither iron deficiency or epilepsy or anything. the only thing the doctors know is that i'm quite tall and (according to them) slender and that this in addition to low blood pressure and breathing superficially can cause people to be more prone to faint. what a lovely vague diagnosis.