Friday, January 16, 2009

ballerina or bean bag?

today i plan on eating (the stuff i already ate/drank is italic):

- 6 dices of apple on top of small amount of müsli porridge (but didn't finish)
- hot water & lemon

- a glass of water

- 'active greens' raw organic food bar
- some grapes
- a few nuts/almonds
- 4 little carrots

- detox tea
- water

dinner (am going to helene from my class for her birthday dinner tonight. i hope it isn't pizza):
- hardly nothing of what's being served. i plan on eating mostly veggies.

i had insane tummy ache yesterday night. and it was still there this morning. i ate only a small amount of healthy food, i really had no appetite. it's about two hours since i ate breakfast and the pain have subsided a bit. i'm freaking out. i don't want to be sick. yesterday in dance class was fun, though. i saw a very skinny-looking girl who is my real life thinspo now. and there were a couple of fatties on the dance team.
i just felt strangely in the middle.

i just have to ask myself if i wanna look like a ballerina or a beanbag:

which would you rather be?

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