Saturday, January 10, 2009

good intensions.


mgrmmbll... hey, guys. i just woke up.
these are my plans for today:

- the city. i will need a new pair of topshop leggings + a cuppacoffee.
- the gym. today i signed up for a boxing beginner class. i need to mix it up in order to keep working out exciting! feel free to recommend other work-out stuff that works for you ^^. to push myself at the gym, today i will think about outshining people i dislike and that i have to look absolutely fabulous for my birthday party the 31th of January and the senior year lanciers dance sometime around March.

- keep active during the day to burn off more.
- eliminate eating. i allow myself fruit + veggies, especially minus calorie stuff.
- waiting + longing for american apparel to deliver my sexy longjohns.

this is them! aren't they fantastic? i can't wait to show off my skinnyness in these:

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