Monday, March 9, 2009

detox diet day 1.

19:19 (make a wish!)

my first day on the diet went pretty good. i'm also quite sure i rocked my 5 hour test.
today's input:
- 3 x 4 chlorella pills
- 1 vitamin pill
- water
- green tea concentrated powder
- 4 baby carrots
- 1 celery stick (but am getting awfully tired of the taste, gotta spice it up with something)
- very small amount of salad

- 1 rice cracker
- 1½ piece of wholegrain bread with peanut butter
- 75g of apple chips

am now preparing dinner: a bit of fish and steamed veggies. + lots of water. i plan on going running after dinner and book more classes at the gym. oh, and today i found my red bracelet. how great is this?:

it's red, braided leather and i love that it has a heart near the lock. like the love for ana is too strong to give up on. or something :) what do you think?

i wanted to post a picture of my body today and continue doing it for the next blog to follow my development, but i feel really flabby and bloated. maybe i'll do it tomorrow.

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