Sunday, March 22, 2009

detox diet day 14.


okay, i'm back on track. i am not going to throw away weeks of restricting for a moment on the lips.
my body is doing fine, i don't need all that food. when other people sit in school eating huge sandwiches and buying cakes in the cafeteria i completely lose my appetite. i'm fine with small amounts.
i decided to step it up a little to get everything going again, so now i take 5 chlorella pills 3 times a day in stead of 3 and drink water, (diluted) fruit/berry juice or veggie juice in between meals in stead of solid food. i think i'm going to be okay. i just have to get into my head that it's all about choices. if i really choose to be skinny, i will be skinny eventually.

here is my eating plan for today.

- 5 chlorella pills and vitamins
- 1 glass of hot water w. juice from half a lemon
- water
- 100% applesauce w. 5 chopped almonds, 1 tablespoon of oats, a small amount of soy milk and lots of vanilla powder and cinnamon.

- 5 chlorella pills
- salad w. small amount of salmon and avocado

- carrot sticks
- 2 rice crackers w. 100% strawberry jam

- 5 chlorella pills
- 1 sachet miso soup (40kcal) w. seaweed

"snack" on:
- water
- herbal tea
- veggie juice
- fruit juice
- aronia berry juice

and if needed:

- 1 piece of veggie or fruit (cut into pieces and eaten very slowly - maybe distributed over the whole day)

stay strong, skinny and beautiful, ladies. and wish me luck.
and enjoy a little keira-liciousness:

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