Wednesday, March 11, 2009

detox diet day 3.


no exams today. ahh. a whole wednesday to myself. slept incredibly well and already drank 2 glasses of water and popped my morning-chlorella and vitamin pills. today i want to work out properly and not just take a walk, so i signed up for a step class at 14:30. and while i'm at the gym i might as well do some of that boring
machine workout.

but first! this yummy detox breakfast dish (i plan on spending at least one hour eating it)!:

- 1 carrot in thin slices
- lettuce
- seaweed
- half an avocado
- half a small tomato

- 1 boiled egg
- hot water with lemon

look at that. a quite large plate of safe, colorful foods that i'm gonna burn off later at the gym. mm. by the way, i'd love some work-out inspiration as far as the arms, bum and thighs. these seem to be the hardest areas for
me to burn stuff off. as for the detox diet in general, i already feel it working and i'm a lot happier than i was a couple of days ago. my other plans for today are as follows:

- returning books at the library and probably picking some new ones up about ana.
- plan a good run sometime around lunch so i can skip it.

- keep active, no sitting down for too long.
- drink water with ice cubes and eat light for the rest of the day.
- study for the dreadful 5 hour german test on friday (the friggin 13th!)

here's a litte two-piece thinspo before i go to remind people of the summer to come:


  1. mmm, that does look like a yummy breakfast !
    lol, except the seaweed. I've never had seaweed, it looks scary
    and excellent thinspo^_^

  2. it sure was! seaweed tastes a little weird. but it's very healthy. from now on i'm gonna hide it in spicy soup so i don't have to taste it :b.