Sunday, March 8, 2009

the ultimate test.


am starting my detox diet tomorrow, and i'm feeling pretty confident about it. the idea is to avoid:
- red meat
- processed food and chemicals
- sugar
- rice, potatoes and wheat (whole-grain wheat and brown rice is okay, though)
- coffee (damn..)
- dairy

i told my parents i'll be going on this diet for the next three weeks, so they won't be suspicious that i'm not eating what they eat + when. i feel like a genius, am all excited about this. i shopped detox-friendly foods this week:
- chlorella algae pills (dose: 3-4 3 times a day, great for clearing out the system)

- apple chips
- plain popcorn (no oil or salt)
- chili, cayenne and vanilla powder
- extra concentrated green tea
- veggies and veggie juice
- nuts
- fruits
- seaweed
- salad
- lemons

- brown rice crackers
- vitamin pills
- tofu
- non-fat, non-sugar, non-dairy falafel mix
- & so on.

oh man, i have too much energy right now. i can't sleep. i'm excited about this diet and the next three weeks, knowing i'll have to use all of my strength to keep it. fasting, dieting and being ana is the ultimate test and example of one's will power. and i want to prove to myself and everyone else, that i really can do it. unfortunately, i have school test all next week. tomorrow is the first one. yikes. but i just have to focus, bring safe foods, lots of water, pop my pills and book lots of classes at the gym. oh. and she asked me and my bf to
join her and her bf for some sort of couple dinner thing. i wanted to puke. but i planned the date to be around the 17th where i'm hopefully already way skinnier than her, plus, i successfully convinced her we should eat sushi. crisis averted!


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