Sunday, March 15, 2009

detox diet day 7.

one week down, two more to go!

it's all going fine. i was at the movies yesterday and snuck in a rice cracker w. at thin layer of peanutbutter and honey. i sat in the dark, watching the movie, smelling other people's candy and especially the licorice, but i just cracked little bites of my rice cracker and chewed it carefully.

today i have to go to work. that means i have to eat a little more, since i'm going to stand up all day, lift heavy boxes and doing the same movements over and over. sighh.. i only work sundays, but it's a full work day. my job is to pack fruit into boxes for a company that ships 'em out to other companies, kindergartens and offices. luckily as part of our pay, we each get to pack our own box of fruits to take home. i mostly bring home bananas (for ice lollies), oranges (for freshly squeezed juice) and apples (for snacks), but sometimes they have more exotic stuff, like mangos. mm. i looove mangos. my father often drives me to work if he's home. lately we've been arrive out there a little early, driving to a safe distance, switching seats and then he lets me drive around a little. i don't have a driver's license yet, so this is just fun and practice. and illegal, by the way. so schhh..
i know, i know, i'm 19 years old and i don't have a driver's license, but that's pretty normal in denmark. you can only get it after you've turned 18. personally, i don't mind waiting a bit before i take mine. i'm a senior at the gymnasium, i still live at home and i don't have my own car. plus, my father uses his car every day driving back and forth, since he works at a seminarium in another town.

i think i'll go work out a little before i leave. and pack a healthy lunch. and find my parka, 'cause it's friggin cold where we work.

but, before i leave. thinspo! today it's REAL girls:

marie. we used to go crazy together.

mette. one of my friends.

ann. old internet-buddy.

sarah, a girl at my school.

maja. one of the most beautiful girls i've ever known.


  1. hey!
    i dont know if you remember me. we spoke briefly in livejournal.
    i hope ure doing well.

  2. i remember :)
    i don't use livejournal so much, so this is where i'll be if you want to talk. i'm doing okay. the diet just got a little tougher. i'm sticking to it, but i think i'm eating too much. :/